Nature & Luxury at Big Berry Camp in Slovenia

big berry camp

Photo credit to Vita Polančec

So staying in a cosy bed, having your own well-equipped kitchen, a sizeable rain shower and personal jacuzzi is enjoyable right? But how often do you find this kind of experience amongst pristine, natural parklands alongside a flowing river with steps that go right into it? Well I found it!

After a couple of weeks of walking the European Peace Walk I was covered in stinging nettle, blackberry scratches and wasp stings. So staying at the luxurious Big Berry Camp was a timely side trip to take off trail, allow the injuries to recover for a bit and pamper the soul.

The Camp

Big Berry is a unique, sumptuous lifestyle camp that sits on the side of the Kolpa River in the south eastern village of Primostek, Slovenia.  Getting back to nature and healthy living is a core concept of the camp and this can be seen in the physical environment.

big berry camp

I’m sitting in Slovenia and on the other side of the river is Croatia

The camp has individual houses, butterfly chairs and ridiculously cool day beds scattered all over the grounds. These are shaded by mature trees and you can really find an ideal spot for some blissful, uninterrupted peace and quiet. There is even a berry plantation on site where you can pick your own stash from the 40 different varieties planted. And my favourite building has to be the spectacular BBQ house which is both perfect as a chill area and a place to party and enjoy a few beverages!

A volleyball court, open-air gym and cardio fitness classes are also available if you feel like being active.

BBQ House!

The Accommodation

The small architect-designed houses are available in configs that sleep between 2 and 6 people and they are charming! Made from high-quality materials they really get the balance between luxury and living outdoors right. They are well-designed with all those considerations that travellers need (but are so often missed) like multiple hooks on bathroom doors, space to store your bags, multiple electrical outlets in suitable locations and privacy in communal sleeping spaces.

Breakfast is freakin AWESOME at Big Berry! It arrives on your personal terrace in the morning like a little stork baby in a big basket. And it feels like Christmas as you unpack all the nutritious, healthy goodies from local partners. Special mention to the amazing cold-pressed Lamut Apple juice and the Kmetija Štruclj yoghurt. I’d been craving a decent yoghurt since leaving NZ…

Just a small selection of our breakfast for two. Superb!

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