SANparks reopens parts of Silvermine West

SANparks reopens parts of Silvermine West

​SANparks have reopened the Silvermine dam trail after the devastating veld fires of March 2015. 

The new boardwalk looks fantastic and while most of the fynbos and foliage around the dam has grown back beautifully, there are still a number of burnt out husks scattered around the water edge to remind us of the fires. The SANparks team really must be commended for all the hard work done to get more trails open ahead of the holiday season - thanks guys. You've done an awesome job. While the river walk still remains closed at the time of writing, all of Silvermine East is already open to hikers (reopened on the 14th of September, so hikers can already walk Pecks Valley, Bailey's Kloof, Spes Bona, Echo Valley, Trappies Kop, Ou Kraal and Steenberg Plateau. 

Entrance at Silvermine is R45 for adults, R25 for children and entrance is free for Wildcard holders.

Location (Map)

Silver Mine (Nature Reserve), Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Flats Sand Fynbos returns to Tokai Forest