Te Araroa Series: Orewa to Stillwater

Orewa to Stillwater

Section 25 – Orewa to Stillwater, Auckland

13km – 3 hrs

This portion of Te Araroa starts from the southern end of Orewa Beach south of the bridge on Te Ara Tahuna – the Orewa Estuary walkway and winds up at Stillwater Boating Club in Stillwater. Starting out early we followed the footpath along the pleasant, popular shoreline of Orewa estuary before leaving the walkway and weaving through the new, cookie-cutter suburb of Millwater which eventually comes out at the Silverdale Centre shops. 


Orewa to Stillwater


Orewa to Stillwater

After Wade Tavern the trail turns into over 8km of walking alongside the shoulder of a couple of busy roads. I should have read the notes more carefully but as a local I’d always thought the road down to Stillwater was a quiet road to a sleepy, backwater suburb. Not anymore. Walking with two people and a five month old miniature poodle with countless cars zooming past was not really ideal. But it’s doable. After three hours we finally made our way down to Stillwater Boating Club which has a picturesque view of Weiti estuary, some picnic tables and soft, grassy areas to collapse on. A cute, little spot to end the walk at.

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