• Arnaud
    Good morning to all,

    Happy New Year!

    As part of my business school studies, we had the opportunity to create a project on mountain tourism. I am coming to you today to gather opinions on this project.

    Today, we think that there are too many inequalities in the distribution of tourist flows in the mountains. So we want to promote small villages that could be as good as the bigger ones.

    We want to solve the problem by creating a social media that we will call Randogram where everyone will be able to post their experiences in the mountains, the activities they have been able to do and where, their cultural discoveries, and the hiking and cycling paths they have taken. This would allow each tourist or potential visitor to get to know small places and discover more about mountain regions through individual experiences.

    We want to target younger people because they are the ones who use the most social networks and are also those who are least attracted to the mountains (as opposed to older people). Thus, RANDOGRAM could be an excellent idea to make them want to come to the mountains (to hike, ski, discover villages...).

    How do you feel about our project?

    What did you like?

    What did you not like?

    Thank you in advance for your answers !