Hiking in Niagara: Twice the Effort, Twice the Reward

In my last post, I talked about my desire to hike all the way across Short Hills Provincial Park before eventually turning around and heading back to the Rockway Conservation Area prior to sunset, only I didn’t quite make it all the way across. Without knowing exactly how much more distance I needed to cover, I reluctantly turned around, completely unaware of how close I actually was to the Wiley Road entranceway. Today I learned; it was a lot closer than I actually thought.

In hindsight, I definitely made the right decision by turning around when I did, as I was barely able to make it back to the lower bridge in the Rockway gorge just before dusk. And when I did finally get to the bridge, it was an absolutely amazing experience, so I have no regrets about bailing out when I did.


© James Ryan © Copyright 2009

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